Seeing is Believing || Austin and Harper

As Austin drove to Harper’s parents to pick her up, there was a slightly nervous feeling settling in the pit of his stomach. Normally this was something he would leave to Al, but he figured he already kind of knew the girl so he’d at least get her somewhat evolved into the supernatural world so that her transition from human to werewolf was not nearly as confusing or terrifying as his had been. It sucked that this had happened to Harper, but at least unlike him and Lydia she had people who would help her and understand what she was going through. Convincing her was going to take some proving, but he was going to do his best so that it would at least be a bit easier on Harper and she wouldn’t have to go through the whole accidentally hurting people thing. He knew this would still be a difficult thing for her to grasp and accept, but what kind of person would he be if he knowingly let her go at this blindly. She didn’t know it yet, but she had a whole pack that would support her. That was the beauty of a wolf pack; you were never truly alone in anything.

The drive was going relatively smooth despite Saturday night traffic. His fingers drummed along the steering wheel as he listened to the upbeat melodies of Bon Jovi. The city was luminescent under the sparkling city lights. Cities never really slept and sometimes he kind of dug that. He typically preferred to get a decent amount of sleep every night, but there was a certain comfort that came with knowing that if insomnia ever got the best of him there were always a few places open. As he rounded the corner that led him into the suburbs area of town, he noted that she lived in a really nice neighborhood. Her family had to have a decent amount of money to afford a house here, but that was not an entirely important detail. It was part of Harper, but people were often more than what their social standing would indicate anyhow.

When he finally pulled into Harper’s driveway, he noted that the place was definitely a pretty sweet home. He gave her a quick call to let her know he was here and waited patiently in the car. Tonight was definitely going to be an interesting experience for Harper since she’d be meeting demons for the first time, but this was probably going to be the only way he could really get her to believe him. When she got into the car, he could already feel the faint feeling of werewolf on her. There was always a certain amount of heat there, but he was able to fight the whole werewolf desire to jump other werewolves bones…unless it was Lydia, but that was different. He actually had real feelings for Lydia outside of crazy attraction. He turned the dial on the radio down slightly and greeted, “Hey, Harper. Thanks for  agreeing to come out with me tonight.” He paused slightly as she shut the door and he began backing out of the way. Once her was on the road and able to give some attention back to conversation he added, “So just a warning, there are demons at this club, but there’s a no violence spell apparently so that means it’s completely safe…it’ll just be kind of like a culture shock thing when you see this stuff for the first time. So just be prepared.”